Investment property depreciation is:

Wear and tear

Wear and tear

As a residential building ages and items within it wear out, they depreciate.



Claimable by all residential investment property owners each financial year. Maximising depreciation deductions reduces an investor’s taxable income.

Decline in value

Decline in value

Depreciation is a decline in value tax deduction for the building structure and plant and equipment assets of any income-producing property.

Maximsed by a quantity surveyor

Maximised by a quantity surveyor

A specialist quantity surveyor such as BMT helps to maximise the depreciation claimable for residential investment properties.

A comprehensive tax depreciation schedule prepared by BMT Tax Depreciation will help you claim all available depreciation tax deductions for the effective life of your investment property.

What’s included in a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule?

Forty-year life

A detailed forty-year forecast table illustrating all depreciable plant and equipment and capital works deductions.

Different depreciation methods

The difference in claims using both the prime cost and diminishing value methods of depreciation.

Common property

Depreciation for common property such as lifts and swimming pools where legislation allows.

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A BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule:

Claim missed deductions

Claim missed deductions

Is structured to help you amend previous years’ tax returns to re-coup any unclaimed or missed depreciation benefits.

Pro-rata calculated

Is pro-rata calculated for the first year of ownership based upon the property’s settlement date.

Split schedules

Can be split based on ownership percentages, which can lead to higher deductions for owners in earlier years.

BMT Guarantee

Is backed by the BMT Guarantee. If we can’t find double our fee in deductions in the first full financial year claim there will be no charge for our services.

How do I organise a schedule?

Organising a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule couldn't be easier.

1: Get a Quote

Request a quote for your residential tax depreciation schedule.

2: Provide details

We’ll collect property details then contact your property manager or tenant to arrange access to complete a property inspection.

3: Claim deductions

Your depreciation schedule will be ready within 7 days of receiving all information. We can even forward it to your accountant to save you time.


FAQs about depreciation schedules

FAQs about depreciation schedules

What areas do you cover?

BMT Tax Depreciation is one of only a few tax depreciation schedule providers that offer an Australia-wide service. No matter where in Australia your property is located, we can help. For details of your nearest office please visit the contact us page.

Yes, we inspect properties to ensure that we identify all assets and maximise the depreciation deductions available. This assures our schedules are fully compliant with the requirements of the ATO and the guidelines set out by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

It is a common myth that older properties will attract no depreciation claim. However, both new and old properties will hold some depreciation benefits.

A depreciation schedule is the best way to ensure the biggest tax refund possible. A BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule covers all deductions available over the lifetime of a property.

Yes. Anything in the property that is part of a previous renovation will be estimated by our quantity surveyors and depreciated accordingly, even if the work was completed by a previous owner. This includes items that are not obvious, for example new plumbing, water proofing or electrical wiring.

BMT Tax Depreciation works with your accountant to ensure that your depreciation claim for your investment property is maximised each financial year. The ATO states in taxation ruling 97/25 that quantity surveyors such as BMT Tax Depreciation are one of the only recognised professions with the appropriate construction costing skills to estimate construction costs for depreciation purposes.

No. You will need a personalised tax depreciation schedule to claim depreciation each tax time. A BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule will outline the maximum depreciation deductions for your income-producing property.

You only need one tax depreciation schedule per investment property. We recommend you get your schedule soon after settlement to ensure that you’re claiming the maximum deductions straight away.

If you make significant changes to your property, you may need to update your schedule.


manage depreciation and your investment property with ease

As a BMT client you will also receive complimentary access to our depreciation portal, here you can:

Schedules and Policies

Schedules and Policies

View update and download depreciation schedules.

Record Keeping

Record Keeping

Track property income and expenses, upload files, photos and receipts.



Calculate the after-tax holding costs for any property.

Research and Insights

Research and Insights

View market data, see nearby planning applications and generate a valuation for your property.

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