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Depreciation Benefits for property investors
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Tax Depreciation Brochure
Learn more about depreciation and its cash flow benefits for residential investment properties with this detailed brochure including examples of real deductions found for our clients.
Depreciation Benefits for property investors
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Order printed copies of Maverick - BMT’s biannual newsletter which includes articles on the latest property investing and depreciation news, as well as relevant tax updates and what’s new for BMT.
Depreciation Benefits for commercial investors
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Commercial tax depreciation brochure
Learn more about the depreciation benefits for commercial property owners and tenants with this comprehensive brochure.
Brad Beer BMT Tax Depreciation

Business Cards
Order our business cards for your office.
Tax depreciation estimate
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Tax depreciation estimates brochure
Learn more about the advantages of ordering a free BMT Tax Depreciation Estimate for a new development and how it can help you sell faster.
BMT example estimate
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BMT Tax Depreciation example estimate
Supplied free of charge for any new property development, a BMT Tax Depreciation Estimate is vital to demonstrate the minimum and maximum range of likely depreciation deductions prior to purchase for investors.
BMT co-branded calculator Co-branded Tax Depreciation Calculator
Add value to the existing services on your website by including a co-branded BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator. Help your clients instantly assess potential depreciation deductions for a variety of property types.
BMT education kits Education Kits
Our free education kits contain our most popular resources to help ensure that your office has everything you need to help your investor clients maximise the cash return from their investment property.
Each kit contains:
  • 20 x BMT Brochures
  • 20 x Business cards
  • 20 x Maverick Newsletters

BMT training sessions Training Sessions

Have one of our depreciation experts visit your office and speak at the next staff development training day or investor night, about the benefits of depreciation.

Alternatively, contact the Events Team on 1300 728 726

BMT articles for your publications Articles for your publications
The experienced team at BMT can provide articles covering a range of depreciation topic suitable for a variety of publications including, newsletters, e-newsletters, magazines, blogs, emails, featured stories, newspapers or press releases.
BMT Tax Depreciation Ebook BMT Tax Depreciation E-Book
Everything you need to know about depreciation in a comprehensive e-book.

Educational Videos

Hear from our CEO Bradley Beer explaining the benefits of depreciation and covering a range of depreciation topics.