October 2013 -

BMT Tax Depreciation has released a handy new app to assist Accountants in finding out the effective life and depreciation rate for any plant and equipment asset.

“In today’s fast paced world it can be difficult for Accountants to stay on top of every update the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) release. As specialist Quantity Surveyors and the leading provider of property tax depreciation schedules Australia-wide, BMT stay accurately informed with the latest legislation advice announced by the ATO. We wanted to share this knowledge in a simple and easy to use format,” said Bradley Beer, the Managing Director of BMT Tax Depreciation.

“Rate Finder is a great tool which will help Accountants to keep informed, add value to their existing service, and provide them with additional necessary information required when they are lodging a depreciation claim as part of their clients’ tax returns,” said Bradley.

The BMT Rate Finder app allows Accountants to search by industry or asset to find out the effective life of any asset as well as the depreciation rate for the asset using both the prime cost and diminishing value methods of depreciation.

Available for free, BMT Rate Finder can be downloaded for either iPhone or Android phone simply by visiting http://www.bmtqs.com.au/rate-finder.

Alternatively, BMT Rate Finder is available online for use on the BMT Tax Depreciation website by visiting http://www.bmtqs.com.au/rate-finder. A residential version of the app called BMT Resi Rates, designed specifically for use by Property Managers, has also been released for iPhone and Android phone and can be downloaded by searching for BMT Resi Rates on the app stores.

Media contact:

Lauren Howarth

0448 507 979 | lauren.howarth@bmtqs.com.au

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Rate Finder is a great tool which will help Accountants to keep informed, add value to their existing service
Bradley Beer, Chief Executive Officer
BMT Tax Depreciation