Why choose BMT Tax Depreciation to prepare your schedule?

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    We help you pay less tax

    A BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule reduces the taxable income from your investment property

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    We find every deduction

    We find clients an average of almost $9,000 in first full financial year deductions

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    Claim missed deductions

    You can adjust previous tax returns and claim back missed dollars

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    BMT Guarantee

    We’ll find double our fee in deductions in the first full financial year or there will be no charge for our services

Every BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule

  • Is 100% tax deductible, including the fee for your depreciation schedule
  • Will be tailored to suit every individual’s property investment scenario, ensuring that all deductions are maximised
  • Can be split based on property ownership percentages. This often allows investors to see higher deductions in earlier years
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Everything you need to manage tax depreciation, and more

MyBMT allows you to manage depreciation schedules, estimate depreciation and more.