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As a property investor, property manager or accountant, you’re juggling various responsibilities related to property management and financial matters. From overseeing tenants and handling ongoing property maintenance to looking after financial records and tax obligations, it can be a lot to keep track of.

This is where MyBMT comes in. MyBMT is an innovative portal developed specifically for property managers, accountants, and investors like you, with the aim of simplifying property investment and depreciation management.

MyBMT offers a wide range of features. Existing tax depreciation schedules can be kept up to date by adding details of renovations or improvements. Effortlessly track property income and expenses, upload files, photos, and receipts to share with your accountant and wider property investment team. This centralised system eliminates the need for cumbersome physical records and promotes seamless collaboration.

But that’s not all. MyBMT also offers various insurance quotes through BMT Insurance. Whether you need house, contents or landlord insurance, you can conveniently obtain quotes through the portal.

For those in search of their next investment property, MyBMT has you covered as well. The platform includes powerful features like PropCalc and a Research and Insights tool. With PropCalc, you can easily calculate the after-tax holding costs of any property, enabling you to make informed investment decisions. Additionally, the Research and Insights tool provides access to current market data, nearby planning applications, and even estimates a current valuation for a property that has had a depreciation schedule prepared.

And the best part? All of these invaluable features and tools are available at no cost.

So why wait? Start optimising your property management today by activating your MyBMT account. Simply visit and begin experiencing the benefits.