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Uncover thousands with the BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator

Find out how depreciation deductions maximise cash flow

A surprising result was uncovered in the 2019 BMT Investor Survey, which is that 54 per cent of investors and property owners hold little to zero understanding of property depreciation. Property depreciation is the highest non-cash deduction available for investors, yet minimal understanding means many don’t take full advantage of it. Obtaining an estimate of likely depreciation deductions can help investors uncover thousands in cash flow.

Uncover thousands with the BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator

Estimating depreciation deductions is easy with the complimentary BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator. Powered by BMT’s comprehensive data collected from over 700,000 tax depreciation schedules, this tool estimates the likely depreciation deductions claimable for a variety of property types.

How the BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator works

Only basic details of the residential or commercial property are required to generate an estimate. Some of the details required include the property type, year of construction and purchase, whether it’s new or second-hand, the closest major city and the owner’s marginal tax rate.

Once this information is entered, the tool instantly estimates a range of the likely first-year depreciation deductions.

A five-year overview is provided to show the bigger picture. This reveals the minimum and maximum yearly depreciation deductions estimated for both plant and equipment and capital works deductions. The tool demonstrates the significant difference depreciation can make to tax payable. This is shown through a five-year projection of reduced tax payable based on the owner’s marginal tax rate.

Investors can be assured that the calculator accounts for any relevant legislation changes when producing a depreciation estimate. For example, the estimated year of purchase option asks if they property was purchased brand-new. This ensures that the 2017 legislation changes are included when the estimate is produced.

The next step

It’s important that the investor gets in touch with the BMT Tax Depreciation team to discuss the results from the BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator.

The team can also provide an obligation free, preliminary estimate over the phone and a quote. The tax depreciation schedule is 100 per cent tax deductible and lasts the lifetime of the property (forty years).

The same applies if the calculator suggests that much more depreciation deductions are available than what the investor is currently claiming. In this case, BMT can review the investment property’s information and if required, produce a new schedule. A BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule allows investors to adjust previous tax returns for up to two years and claim back missed dollars.

The BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator is renowned for its accuracy and genuine insights. Start using the calculator today, or download the app. For more information, investors can contact BMT on 1300 728 726.