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MyBMT – new research and insights feature

Make informed decisions at the click of a button with the new research and insights feature within MyBMT.

Buying and owning an investment property is a significant achievement and one which requires detailed planning and research at all stages of the process.

MyBMT can help you learn more about the area in which your investment property is located through a range of complimentary tools.

The new research and insights feature allows you to:

  • Discover properties which have recently been listed for sale or available to rent in your area, as this can help you to ensure your current rent is within the market value for your area
  • View key metrics such as recent Census data for the suburb where a property is located, see what types of tenants are attracted to the area where your property is located
  • Keep up to date with planning applications and new developments near the location of your investment property. Don’t be surprised by any new developments in your area such as new schools, or highways
  • Use PropCalc to calculate after tax holding costs for current or future purchases
  • Generate a metric-based valuation for any property you have a schedule for within MyBMT. Keep an eye on when it might be a good time to sell or renovate your property

To explore MyBMT and the new research and insights feature, visit today.

What is MyBMT?

MyBMT is the latest complimentary service from BMT Tax Depreciation.

The online portal helps property owners, Accountants and Property Managers to access and manage investment property depreciation needs within one simple, easy place.

Access depreciation schedules online anytime, anywhere with MyBMT.