Meet our Executive Management Team

Read more about how Bradley, Leanne, Nol and David have all helped to build BMT from the ground up into the strong, successful, customer focussed business it is today.

Chief Executive Officer - Bradley Beer

Qualifications & Professional Memberships: B. Con. Mgt, AAIQS, MRICS, AVAA 

Bradley began his career at BMT as a qualified Quantity Surveyor in 1998, working with two of the founding Directors to build the company from the ground up. After 6 years of successful performance and supporting year on year growth, he became a Director in 2002 and Managing Director in 2012. Since then, Bradley’s leadership and specialist experience in property tax depreciation and construction cost consulting has resulted in strong yearly growth. In 2015 Bradley was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Bradley’s experience as both CEO of BMT and personally as a successful property investor has led him to become a highly sought after speaker at many national property related events and conferences, as well as a regular contributor and sometimes guest host on the Sky Business channel’s Your Money, Your Call program.

Nol Petrohelos – Associate Director

Qualifications and Professional Memberships: B. Con. Mgt. AAIQS

Nol commenced employment with BMT in 2001 after completing a Bachelor of Construction Management degree. His progression was fast tracked with his promotion to an Associate in 2002 where he managed the business development, marketing and quality assurance teams within the rapidly expanding company.

Nol’s dedication to property depreciation, quantity surveying, strategic planning, business development, leadership and his success in managing various departments led to his promotion to Associate Director in January 2006.

Nol’s current role at BMT involves account management, legislative research, marketing management, business development, public speaking, public relations, benchmarking activities and strategic planning.

Leanne Goodchild – General Manager

Qualifications and Professional Memberships: Credit Licence, Member FOS (Financial Ombudsmen Service), Diploma Frontline Management, Credit Analysis & Lending

Leanne has extensive experience working in the finance and banking industries, managing many large business accounts. As General Manager of BMT Tax Depreciation since 2003, Leanne is responsible for providing advice, business leadership and strategic planning across the entire business supporting day-to-day operations.

David Babic – Associate Director

Qualifications and Professional Memberships B. Con. Mgt.(Build) AAIQS

In 2001 as an undergraduate student, David started working for BMT, completing a Bachelor of Construction Management Degree during his time with the company. Due to his technical skills and knowledge, his progression within BMT was fast tracked with his promotion to an Associate in 2004. David managed the technical teams in BMT including IT, co-ordination of the property inspection team and overseeing the development and production of depreciation schedules from our paper-based reports to the new PDF, excel and CSV formats BMT have made available.

David’s dedication to strategic planning, leadership and success in managing various quantity surveying departments influenced his promotion to Associate Director in January 2006. David’s current role in BMT involves research, technical development, strategic planning and overseeing production of the depreciation schedules.

To find out more about BMT Tax Depreciation’s history, mission and competitive edge visit the about BMT page.