Should you turn your investment property into a doghouse?

Pet owners could be your solution to increasing rental yield It’s no secret that property investors hate pets in their investment properties. They can be unpredictable, messy and destructive.  It should come as no surprise that internal research conducted by has shown that approximately only 5% of their rental listings are pet-friendly. However, for property investors concerned with improving their rental yield, reconsidering this preconception could provide thousands of dollars annually in additional rental income. Doing the math Property investors often associate pets with higher maintenance and overall costs, but extensive studies conducted in the US have shown differently. ‘Companion Animal Renters and Pet-Friendly housing in the U.S.’ found that pet-friendly properties are typically leased out in nineteen days, compared to the twenty-nine days it takes on average to find a tenant for a pet-unfriendly property.
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Posted on 23/10/2014 9:58:04 AM +11:00