Could depreciation once again call the Trifecta on reserve prices and auction results?

Given the stark difference in results from the last two block auctions Blockheads and Channel Nine could be expected to be on edge and for very good reason. During the week CoreLogic RP Data reported the national auction clearance rate from the weekend to be 79.2 per cent, the second strongest result on record; it is the strongest result since September 2009. This kind of activity clearly indicates the current housing market is a sellers market, but come auction time on The Block Triple Threat will this activity of buyer enthusiasm translate into a turn around in results for the Nine Network and The Block contestants. In The Block Fans v Faves, all Blockheads walked away with $500,000 plus in winnings ranging from $507,250 to $636,000. Compared with the results from the Block Glasshouse where only Shannon and Simon, Chris and Jenna walked away with more than $50,000 while the other 3 teams were left to share $60,000 between them.

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Posted on 24/04/2015 5:38:19 PM +10:00