Could your client be smiling too?

Imagine how one of your investor clients would react if you could tell them how to receive $3,536 in extra cash flow with little to no effort. With property depreciation this is no longer just an idle fantasy. Amy’s Property Manager found this out herself when she recommended her client contact BMT Tax Depreciation to find out what depreciation deductions were available for her investment property. Amy purchased a nine year old three bedroom house in an outer suburb of Sydney for $610,000 just over one year ago. Prior to making her depreciation claim Amy’s investment property was earning a rental income of $495 per week with a total income of $25,740 per annum, while her yearly expenses totalled $41,028. Towards the end of her first year owning the property Amy’s annual after tax outlay amounted to $9,631 or $185 per week. Amy mentioned to her Property Manager that she was concerned about her cash flow.

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Posted on 29/05/2015 4:00:31 PM +10:00