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What can I claim?

As the owner of an investment property you are entitled to claim depreciation on the building structure (Division 43) and the fixtures and fittings inside (Division 40).

BMT Tax Depreciation will estimate the values of the original construction and the fixtures and fittings inside your investment property. The claimable depreciation varies from property to property as it depends on the quantity and quality of the assets within each property.

To read more about the deductions you can claim on investment, rental and commercial property, click here.

For an approximate estimate on the levels of depreciation you could claim please use our depreciation calculator.

To request a customised quote for an itemised schedule for your investment property, fill out on short Request a Quote form, or contact BMT Tax Depreciation today.

BMT is a Quantity Surveying company who specialise in tax depreciation with a personalised approach to every tax depreciation schedule prepared for investment, commercial and rental properties.

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