A: Last Updated 13 February 2015

  • BMT aims to make the process as easy as possible for you. Once we have the details of a property, we take it from there, contacting the Property Manager and tenant and organising the site inspection.
  • We use our own staff Australia-wide, many firms use contractors. If an audit takes place and the ATO questions anything in the depreciation schedule, you will have peace of mind knowing BMT’s trained staff will be answering any queries.
  • Our Guarantee: If we can’t find double our fee worth of deductions in the first full financial year, we don’t charge for our services.
  • We include low-value and low-cost pooling.We also use the $300 immediate write-off rule to help investors maximise their deductions and cash return.
  • We show a break up of common areas within a complex so that correct legislation is applied to each.
  • We have one fee across the whole of Australia - we don’t charge extra for regional areas and travel costs.
  • Our turnaround time is five to seven days from all information being received.
  • Our depreciation schedules are tailor-made to each individual property and scenario.
  • Our report is structured to allow you to recoup missed deductions for up to two years if you have not been maximising your deductions.
  • The report shows deductions over forty years or until the deductions run out, meaning you won’t have to get a report for that investment property again.
  • If you make additions to the property after you receive your depreciation schedule, we can update your report free of charge for the first addition.
  • We work with your Accountant and Property Manager to simplify the process for you. We can also send a copy of your schedule directly to your Accountant if you choose.
  • We apportion preliminary and consultant fees (site costs such as fencing, cranes, delivery, installation, Architects, Draftsmen, Engineers, etc).
  • We provide ongoing support. If you have questions please feel free to contact us and discuss them.
  • The ATO will not accept poorly structured tax depreciation schedules. BMT’s Depreciation Schedules are comprehensive, detailed and are ATO compliant.
  • We can provide our schedules in both CSV and Excel formats for ease of use with Accounting software.
  • We offer split schedules when there are multiple owners of an investment property. Find out more about the benefits of a split schedule.

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